Ahana translates to the first ray of the sun, inner happiness, or light.






Infinite joy











Life is beautiful with all the success, happiness, joy, surprises and also failures, loss, anger, sorrow and what not. Life is a mixture of good and not so good experiences and emotions. What do we do with the challenges, surprises, and situations that life throws at us? Enjoy and cherish the good moments and experiences, cope with the unfavourable and continue moving forward...looking ahead to the infinite possibilities that life has stored for us. Moreover, if we cannot change some then accept them and let go of them. Sometimes it is easier, said than done, is it not? However, it is possible... we just need to know how and with the right kind of intervention and guidance, we can do it.

In today's fast moving world were stress and also a host of diseases have taken over our lives, safeguarding our happiness, and well being is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more people seem to have less and less time, not only to attend to their own emotional and physical needs, but also of their loved ones. It is a web out there. Worsening this is the breaking up of family units, bonds, and values, loss of that personal touch, feelings, and emotions. There are times when it is difficult to think straight with all that tension and clutter in the mind adding to a host of negative emotions making it difficult even to breathe and there is this need to run always to some far off place where there is peace and quiet. These are the times when there is a felt need to confide, express, emote, communicate with someone who would just, listen and understand, be non-judgemental, providing the required emotional support and relieve our burdened mind.

Talking to a friend, near or dear one is valuable. Sometimes it works problem solved Sadly, sometimes people around you may not be able to, relate to your emotional pain, or understand what you are going through. It may also be difficult for you to explain it in a way that they can understand you. Sometimes, it may appear to them that you are making a big deal out of nothing, because everyone has problems in life and we have to cope with them, when actually, that is your problem and you require assistance,   overcoming your pain, issues, and worries, with empathy and sensitivity. However, as in case of a mild fever- Paracetamol gives instant relief, with malaria and jaundice there is a need for specific diagnosis and treatment, Malignant Cancers requires specialised treatment. So also in case of a troubled mind, if the problem lingers on and on and you find yourself in the same unhealthy mental or emotional state, and it starts to have negative effects on physical health as well, then it would help to talk to a therapist depending on the problem. (More information in For You and queries & Misconception section)

Though we cannot control everything or always be prepared for all that happens to us or around us, we can control how we accept, adapt or react to the situation or people, creating balance and a sense of wellbeing for us and those around. It is only very normal as humans to feel and express various emotions depending on the situation, and is healthy as long as it causes no harm to you or those around. Sometimes life is not always like in a fairy tale and just one incident can be the straw that breaks the Camel's back if other things or people in your life are also causing stress and tension. If you have been down for several weeks with no improvement, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance because that one-step can change your life. Helping you live life harmoniously, utilising your full potential, succeeding in every aspect of your life and help you look at life very differently in ways you have never done before.

One step can change the way you think.....feel.....live


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